So, here I am at the proverbial beginning of my “writer’s platform”.  I’m years into story development for a novel idea I have and early on while honing my craft (this never stops for me, btw) I think it was in a Writer’s Digest webinar I watched, and the speaker said, learn about the publishing industry.  Taking his advice I sought out their trade references, newsletters and magazines and subscribed.  Reading and learning about the publishing industry has proven to be as interesting and fun as developing the novel itself.

So, as my reading and research into the publishing industry continues you see more and more articles, posts and now even webinars on the topic of the “writer’s platform” which basically means “audience” as in loyal audience who is already a fan of your work, and in future willing to buy your book.  In other words, in this day and age not only does a writer need to bring a good story forth (this I, of course, have no problem with) but we must also come with a fully developed audience (our “writer’s platform”) oh, and don’t forget a fully realized marketing plan the writer himself/herself can execute.  Sidebar:  remind me again, what the hell is the publishing house really doing besides taking two years to bring my book to market?  I know that over-simplifies this new paradigm in book publishing but it does beg that question.  A question / topic for another day.

As I’ve said for years, writing isn’t so much what I do, as who I am, to my core. This is my first novel and so far it’s been one hell of a fun ride.  I shall attempt to share my writing journey here as well as keep you apprised of the progress of my novel. Also know that on most posts I will leave them open for comments for a month only after initial publication.

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Enjoy the day, read a book.