Where does this race to the bottom end? Cheap? – Work? – Quality? – Value? – Entertainment?

In America, Inc. where everything has a price tag and consumers operate under the false premise that cheaper is always better. Where does this race to the bottom of the barrel end?

Please consider the following list of words in the context of your entertainment choices:  books, movies, music and TV shows.  What do these words mean to you?  What are your entertainment quality and pricing expectations?

at minimum expense

superiority in kind <merchandise of quality> 

relative worth, utility, or importance
<a good value at the price> <had nothing of value to say>

activity in which one exerts strength or
faculties to do or perform something

 At what point do we begin to connect the dots that in this quest for cheap, cheaper, cheapest we’re actually de-valuing and de-meaning ourselves at the same time.  Is this really the basic, resting pulse of our society?  Garbage in, garbage out.

Please post your comments below and let’s explore this evolving world of digital, instant gratification entertainment together.

mr klein



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